Sprinkler Hose Attachment

When it comes time to blowout your lawn sprinkler system for the winter, one of the simplest methods that I have come across is the one I found on Amazon called "Sprinkler Compressor Attachment",  It consists of a 10" piece of 250 psi,  high-pressure hose  with a female garden hose attachment at on end and a standard compressor Quick Connect at the other end.  You simply attached the hose to a compressor and screw the other end onto a garden hose fitting that you have hopefully provided for on your sprinkler system.  Simply turn the compressor on and open the necessary valve to blow out your system.

You can also use this attachment to blowout the water lines in your cottage or RV unit,  in preparation for winter, provided you are one of those people, who don't use their cottage or RV in the winter time.

A more complete explanation of how to blow out your sprinkler system can be found in the following You Tube Video.

How To Winterize Your Sprinkler System

Make Your Own Compressor Adapter

If you are a handy person and would like to make your own compressor adapter you can follow the instructions out line in this video.

Sprinkler Blowout Accessories

Female Garden Hose Compressor Attachement
Female Garden Hose Compressor Attachment

Sprinkler Blow Out Attachment
Sprinkler Blow Out Attachment with Shut Off
Male Garden Hose Compressor Attachement
Male Garden Hose Compressor Attachment

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