Replace Your Shower Door Seals

shower door Sweeps
Fig. 1, Images shows damage caused by leaking shower door seals and sweeps.

Water all over the floor every time you take a shower, maybe it’s time to replace your shower door seals.

The first thing you will need to do is to examine your shower carefully to determine exactly where the water is coming from and how much damage may have been done already.  You should decide whether or not you  simply want to  repair the shower door seals or if you plan to tackle a more extensive repair job at this time. In this article we will only cover replacing the shower door seals and the shower door sweeps.

When it comes to shower door seals and shower door sweeps there are literally hundreds of different shapes and styles available but they tend to be a little difficult to find.  In today’s competitive environment many of the shower units on the market  come from countries within the Asian border and parts are not readily available. The other problem is that some of the shower units in today’s homes  are getting quite old and local manufacturers no longer make or stock parts for them.   Never the less replacing the seals and sweeps may still be a lot less expensive than having to replace the entire shower unit.

Where to Begin

First you will want to determine which shower door seals or shower door sweeps you will need to replace.

Secondly examine the seal or sweep carefully for general shape and size you will require.  Measure the thickness of the glass as well as the distance from the glass to the shower frame (the opening the seal will cover) See Fig 3.

Fig. 2, Measuring the thickness of the shower door sweep required

Compare the shape of your shower door seal with the one’s available from your preferred supplier.

Shower door seals
Fig. 2a, A sample of some of the Shower Door Seals and Shower Door Sweeps that are available

Once you have selected  the corresponding  shape, you will need to find the correct size and that’s not just the correct length but the thickness and width as well.  Some shower door seals are beveled  (see example fig. 2b) so that they grip the glass tighter, you can also use this type of seal for various thickness of glass if you can’t find one to match perfectly.

Shower Door Sweep
Fig. 2b  Beveled Shower Door Sweep, fits various thickness of shower doors


Shower door seals
Fig. 3 Measuring the Gap to be covered by the Shower Door Seal

Measure the thickness of the glass to determine the thickness that you will need.

You will also want to determine the size of the gap or opening that the seal is suppose to cover as shown in Fig 3 above.

Once you have this information you will be able to find the right shower door seals or shower door sweep to purchase.


Installing your new shower seals

Installing a shower door seal is not too difficult. Simply follow these simple steps:

You Will Need:

  • A new shower door seal or sweep
  • Ammonia base glass cleaner
  • A knife or fine tooth hacksaw

Remove the old Seals by simply pulling it off if you have a frame-less glass door, or by sliding it out if you have a framed shower door.

Cleaning bottom of shwr door
Fig. 4 – Cleaning the shower door, before installing new seals

Be sure to clean the class thoroughly with an ammonia base cleaner, use a blade or glue remover if necessary, before installing the new seals. Especially if you are installing peal and stick seals or if you are using  special shower door sweep installation tape.

Installing a Shwr Dr seal
Fig. 5 Measuring the length required for the shower door sweep before cutting.

Cut the new seal to length, I usually cut the new seals a bit longer than necessary to start with and I do the final cut right before the final installation.  You can use a ratchet seal cutter or a fine tooth hack saw (32 TPI) to get a nice smooth cut.

Tip: Cut the hard parts with a fine tooth hack saw and cut the soft parts with scissors or a blade knife.  You can also use a specifically design tool called a ratchet knife if you happen to have one of these laying around.

Video References:

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