How to Repair a Kitchen Sink Trap "Quick Guide"

Kitchen Sink Drain Trap Schematic
Sink Drain Trap - Basic Parts



This diagram show the basic parts of a drain trap used in  kitchen sinks, laundry tubs and bathroom sinks.

Basic ABS Single Sink Trap
Basic ABS Single Sink Trap - Wall Drain



This is a basic sink drain that can be used for a single kitchen sink, laundry tub or a single vanity sink






Simple Dual Kitchen Sink Trap
Simple Dual Kitchen Sink Trap - Floor Drain



This diagram shows a double kitchen sink drain hook up with a through the floor drain






Kitchen Sink Drain Assembly
Kitchen Sink Drain Assembly


This diagram shows a kitchen or laundry tub drain assembly

For more information on how to install a drain assembly....check out this video on my  video page

Dual Kichen Sink Assembly
Dual ABS Kitchen Sink Drain Assembly - Showing connections to tail pieces and wall drain outlet.


This diagram shows how a kitchen sink drain assembly is installed for a through the wall drain

For a detailed look at how to install a kitchen sink drain click ...More

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