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Why You Should Register Your Plumbing Product


Register Your Plumbing Product - Get Free Replacement Parts


As you may know I work in the plumbing industry and it's because of this that I have set up this "Register Your Plumbing Product" page.

Almost daily I see people coming in to buy plumbing parts that they could have gotten for free from the manufacturer, but instead they come in and  buy them or worse yet, they expect the retailer to replace everything for free. Many times it's  because they have lost their receipt or did not bother to keep their proof of purchase for the product or just don't know how to contact the manufacturer.  This is especially important for products that have a lifetime or limited lifetime warranty. My best advice it "Keep Your Receipt Safe".

"The warranty is with the manufacturer and not the place you purchased it from."

I have to stress that the warranty is from the manufacturer and not the place you purchased it from, do not take your product back to the retailer, he won't be able to help you; you must contact the manufacturer. It is doubly important that the manufacturer "have" proof, that you in fact did purchase the item in question. A "Lifetime Warranty" means that you must have purchased the product new and that it is still in your possession.


All manufacturers have a customer service department and stock every part, for the products they make. There is always someone there waiting for your call.

As an example, if you have purchased a previously owned home and the faucet needs parts, don't expect the manufacturer to replace these for free, but if you replace the faucet with a new one, the new faucet is warranted for as long as you own it, provided the manufacturer has a record of your purchase. This is where product registration comes in. Once you register your product, the manufacturer has a record of your purchase and your warranty has been validated. There will not be any need to produce your receipt. In addition, most manufacturers have a toll free number, so the call will not cost you anything.

"Lifetime Warranty" means that you must have purchased the product and are still in possession of it.


Here's How To Register  Your Product

You can register your product online or by filling out the warranty card that was included with your product and mailing it to the manufacturer. The online method is much simpler and you won't have to buy a stamp. For your convenience, I have listed a number of plumbing product manufacturers, just click on the link to open the registration page.

Register Your Plumbing Product Online Here:


American Standard Products

Blanco - Australia Warranty Registration

Broan Central Vacuums

Broan and NuTone Products


Delta Faucets and Accessories


Gerber - (Registration card must be mailed in)

Giagni Faucets and Accessories - (Registration card must be mailed in)

Grohe Faucets and Accessories




Kindred - (Registration card must be mailed in)

Kohler Faucets and Accessories - (Registration card must be mailed in)


Maax - (Registration card must be mailed in)

Mirolin Products

Moen Faucets and Accessories


Pfister Faucet and Accessories

Porcher - (Registration card must be mailed in)

Rain Bird Irrigation Systems  (Registration card must be mailed in)

Rainfresh  (Registration card must be mailed in)

Saniflo Toilets

Simer Water Pumps

ShowHouse by Moen



Whirlpool Water Heaters

Whirlpool Water Softeners       (US Residents Only - Get Two Free Bags of Salt)




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