11 Best How to Install a toilet Sites


Here are the 11 Best How to Install a Toilet Sites, on the Internet. With so much information already out there, I thought that I would review a number of sites and pick out what I feel are the best sites  “how to install a toilet” sites on the web; there are only a few text sites so I lump both text and video sites together to bring you what I feel are the best one’s. None of these site are perfect, so if you are not quite comfortable after viewing one of two, take a look at a few more and you will probably find the information you are missing.

Rated in Order of Excellence

Joe DeMars
The Number One Toilet Install Site



1) “How to Install a New or Used Toilet” San Diego Home Inspection Blog, by Joe DeMars, video.


Replacing a Toilet
The Second Best Toilet Install Site




2) The Family Handyman  “How to Replace a Toilet” article.





Les Zell, Family handyman
The Number Three Best Toilet Install Site




3) The Family Handyman “How to Install a Toilet” by Les Zell, video


Fine Home Building
Number Fourth Best Toilet Install Site




4) Fine Home Building,  “How to Install a Toilet” by Peter Hemp, PDF article.



Home Depot Toilet installation
The Fifth Best Toilet Install Site



5) Home Depot “How to Replace or Install a New Toilet”



The Average Joe
The Sixth Best Toilet Install Site



6) YAAYA , The Average Joe’s (or Jane’s) “Guide to Installing a Toilet Part 1” of 2, by Joe Schlubb

Click here for “Part 2”


Toilet Replacement, Monkey See
The Seventh Best Toilet Install Site


7)  Monkey See, “Toilet Replacement –Video 1: “Removing the Old Toilet”  Video 2 “Installing a New Toilet” by Nick Marine


Build.com Dual Flush install
The Eighth Best Toilet Install Site




8) Build.com, “How to Install a Kohler Dual Flush Toilet”


11 Best How to Install a toilet sites
The Ninth Best Toilet Install Site




9) Buildipedia DIY “Quick and Easy Tips for Installing a Toilet” with Jeff Wilson



Install it like a Pro
The Tenth Best Toilet Install Site on the Internet




10) How to “Install a Toilet Like a Pro” by Ethan Hagan



How to install a toilet
Eleventh Best Toilet Install Site




11) This Old House “How to Install a Toilet” by Richard Trethewey





There you have it, the “11 Best How To Install a Toilet Sites”, on the Internet. I would really appreciate it if you would leave a comment. Tell me how you like this site, if you would like to see more like this or make a suggestions that  might improve this site.

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