Toilet Flange Extension

In this article, I will show you, how you can easily adjust your toilet flange height, and how to tell, if your toilet flange, is set at the right height?

Your toilet is leaking, from around the base; you remove the toilet and find, that the flange is set, below the surface of the floor, or you have just installed a new tile floor, and now you know, that the top of your toilet flange is below the surface of the floor. You need to raise it up, but how can you do this.....? Here is what you do.

Toilet Flange Lower Than Fisnished Floor

Toilet Flange Needs To Be Raised

In this image, you can see how the toilet flange, is set, even with the old floor, but now a new  tiled floor has been installed. And you can see, that the finished tile floor, is above the  surface of the toilet flange. This is usually not a good thing, mainly because you will not get a good seal, from a toilet wax ring or many other types of toilet flange seal. 

Installing a Toilet Flange

Installing A New Toilet Flange

Toilet flanges, are designed to be installed, at floor level or set on top of the finished floor. This is done in order that there is not too much wax or sealant being compressed, and so you don't block the flange opening. Too much wax or sealing material and you will block the toilet, not enough wax and the toilet will leak around the flange. Therefore, in order for all of this to work together, the toilet flange must be installed at the correct height.  

The Right Flange Height

The correct height for me is just above or even with the finish floor. In this illustration the flange is set just above the floor.  There does not seem to be a consense of   opinion when it comes to even with the floor or just above the floor. For me, I find that both types of installation work equally well.  

Toilet Flange Installed Below Finish Floor

Floor Flange Below Finish Floor Surface

Here you can see that the floor flange is installed below the level of the finished floor. This flange will need to have a toilet flange extension installed to correct this situation. 

There are a number of different floor flange extension kit available, most of which do a pretty good job. Here are just a few.

Toilet Flange Extension Kit

Toilet Flange Extension Kit

Flange Extension Kit

This is a multi piece toilet flange extension kit.  It consists of two 1/8" rubber shims, one 1/2" PVC spacer ring, and extra long closet bolts. This kit is also available in 1/4" thickness. 

This is a single ring toilet flange extender made of solid PVC, it can be used as a single layer or it can be stacked several high, depending on the height required. 

This is an innovative toilet flange riser kit, that can be used to elevate a toilet flange from 1/4" up to 1 5/8", if you purchase additional sets you can  raise the height of the toilet flange up to a maximum of 2 1/4".  

This is a two stage flange extension, you can use it for a long or a short extension simply by removing the second stage (blue) extension. It includes a wax ring and is easy to install. 


Toilet Flange too low

Imporper Toilet Installation

Here you can see the results, of a toilet having been installed on a toilet flange, that is below the floor level. When the toilet was removed, the toilet wax ring was still in its original shape. A sign that the wax ring was not sealing the toilet, from sewer gases or preventing water escaping, from under the base of the toilet. 

This installation should have had a toilet flange extender kit installed prior to fitting the toilet to the flange.  

Toilet Flange Extension Rings

Toilet Flange Extension Rings Installed

In this image, we see how a number of Toilet Flange Extension Rings, have been used to raise the height, of the existing toilet flange.  It's a good idea, to apply a bead of silicone, between the flange, and each layer, of the extension rings.  When the layers are level or just slightly above the finished floor, it's time to install the wax ring and the toilet.

Sealing around a toilet base

Caulking The Toiet Base

After completing the installation, it's always a good idea to apply a bead of caulk around the toilet base. This will give it a finished look and keep and water from seeping under the toilet and causing any damage. 

That's it your done.  

Our thanks to our friends, at the Family Handyman, for allowing us to use their image.