IMPORTANT!  You must be the original owner of your Delta product in order to obtain "Free Parts" under Delta's Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

It's Easy to get Free Delta Faucet Parts

In the next few step I will show you how to get free Delta faucet parts.  For the most parts anyone who has purchased and still owns a Delta faucet can get free replacement parts and in some cases get a free replacement faucet, that's right you may even get a complete replacement faucet at no charge.

Delta Faucet, Canada:  1-800-567-3300

Companies use warranties to sell their products and hope that you will never file a claim, that's why most warranties are in fine print tucked at the very back or some other obscure place in your owner"s manual. Most consumers never read the warranty information and have absolutely no idea of what the warranty covers or how to go about making a warranty claim.

Save Your Receipt

I can't over stress the fact that you should "Save Your Receipt" or some kind of proof of purchase, you will need it to make a claim.  Many manufacturers allow you to "Register" your product online as proof of purchase.  If you register your product by mailing in the "Warranty Card" or "On Line" you are protected, even if you can't produce your original "receipt of purchase".

Register Your Delta Product here.

Set Up A Warranty File

Make a note in your computer's Document File or in a file folder , labeled "Warranties" and keep all your warranty information and model number in one place; for easy access should you require it at some future date.  Remember "Lifetime Warranty" means for as long as you own the product, that could mean five, ten or even twenty years.

Note: The product warranty applies only to products that originally purchased and only for as long as you still own them.
The warranty is "Not" transferable and does not cover previously installed products.

Why You Should Make a Warranty Claim

First of all you paid for it.  Whether or not  you realize it, part of the original purchase price includes an amount to cover "warranties". So you pay for warranty protection when you make a purchase and then you pay again when you purchase replacement parts that are covered under the original warranty. You can save from ten to hundreds of dollars when you make a warranty claim.

Making a Warranty Claim is Easy

It's a fact that most consumers still don't know that retailers don't carry warranty parts.  For retailers to carry parts for everything they sell they would have to have premisses three to four times their size just for parts. They would also have to be completely familiar with all the warranties on every product they sell.  This would be a humongous task, it's for this reason that warranty information and replacement parts are mostly available  from the product manufacturer.

Contacting the Manufacturer

Nearly all manufacturers have a fully trained staff that dispenses replacement parts.  Here you will get both replacement parts  and warrantied parts. The only difference is that you will have to pay for non warrantied parts. If a manufacturer does not have a parts facility of their own,  they will be able to provide you with an authorized agent who will be able to supply the parts you require.

Delta Faucet USA:  1-800-345-3358


How Long Will This Take?

It has been my experience that most manufacturer can ship parts out in just a few days, you should receive them in a week or less.  Plan ahead, if you see a facet starting to drip, order a "Free" replacement cartridge (value $20.00 to $80.00) before the situation gets worse, that way you will have it on hand when you need it.

Why You Should Not  Contact the Seller

First of all it's not the seller's job to supply you with replacement parts.  The warranty is not with the seller it's with the manufacturer, so it's up to the manufacturer to supply parts and be familiar with the warranty.  Sometimes a retailer can assist you by providing information as who to contact or provide a phone number but they can't order parts.  Retailers hardly ever keep parts manuals or parts price list.  Retailers have to issue   official "Purchase Orders" to manufacturers, they have to track the parts and call the customer when the parts arrive.  Manufacturers will ship parts directly to you home or business address without all this hassle.

Getting The Right Part

Know you model number clickhe re

Find the right part here

Order Parts here

DIY: How to Product Videos

Here you will find videos on how to change a Delta kitchen faucet, replace a tub and shower  cartridge in your Delta system, replacing the aerator, adjusting the rotational limit stop, how to install a Touch20 system and much more.


Delta Warranty

Find your Delta Warranty Information here


22 thoughts on “How to Get Free Delta Faucet Parts”

  1. I bought my home new the builder used Delta faucets that was 16 years ago.I dont have receipts never did will Delta warranty my cracked faucet thanks

  2. My local big box hardware store sales person told me my Delta part must have come over with the Ark. I didn’t tell him the Ark never made it to America, but I got what he was trying to say. It’s old! The water diverter on my Delta shower/tub fixture is shooting water instead of diverting it up to the shower head! It was installed in 1988 and is a push button style, separate from the tub faucet and on the face plate along with the single clear plastic (?) hot/cold knob. Is it still under warranty? And can I get a replacement? Sales clerk says they don’t make these any longer, but then he thought Columbus sailed on the Ark so I’m not sure I trust his information! I hope you can help! Thank you for your time!

    1. Hi Debra, I like your sense of humour. Different manufacturers started offering “Life Time Warranties” at different times in history, long after Noah’s Ark. So, it’best that you contact Delta’s Customer Service Department directly to find out just where you stand with regards to the warranty on your particular facet. I would suggest that you include a photo of your faucet in your correspondence with them. For Canada, You can reach them online at: or at > if you live in the USA. It’s my impression that they should still have parts for your faucet available. Say “Hello” to Columbus when you see him.

  3. I have a delta pull down faucet and the sprayer button sticks. Is there anyway to repair it? We’ve had the faucet for about 3 years.

  4. Hi my name is Kimberly, my white delta 2006 pullout kitchen faucet hose is leaking and I cannot find a replacement hose that fits. Can you please help me!

  5. hi name is dan i have a shower faucet from delta that is leaking and no cold water coming out now was told u might replace it rp19804 model # no receit

  6. We tried to obtain a replacement faucet, but it was cheaper to replace it. We purchased the kitchen faucet at a Delta outlet. In the 4 years we’ve had it, it has had to be serviced 4 times. We have a new plumber who advised us about the warranty, which sounds great, in theory. The reality is far less attractive. When I called and explained that my plumber advised me that the faucet was defective, and that Delta has a solid warranty to go with their solid product, I was advised that we would have to start be replacing the same parts we have replaced 4 times before, to be sure. I was assured that if there was any problem, they would replace the faucet. Fair enough. We received the parts and I had our plumber install them. In less than 2 months the leak was back, and this time bad enough that we turned off the water. I called my plumber, to please call Delta and advise them of what had happened, and to please send a new faucet. He was advised that they would send new parts again. By this time, we have already paid for a new faucet, with all the work by plumbers. No thank you Delta. We are going with a new faucet. And it won’t be a Delta.

  7. I have a delta faucet and the hose has started to leak, I have this faucet now for just under 10 years is it still under warranty. If so, how would I go about getting it then care of.

    thank you


    1. Hello Michael,
      Your Delta faucet has a “Lifetime Warranty” which means that if you are the original owner of the faucet, you will get free parts for as long as you still own it. In Canada, call Delta at 1-800567-3300, or in the USA call 1-800-345-3358 for warranty service and free parts. Let me know if you have any other questions. All the best.

  8. I have a Delta Faucet Model 21988LF that was leaking from the center faucet base (where the collar attaches over the diverter and onto the base. I just relieved Repair Kit RP41700 and it came with 4 pieces…. 2 black rubber O rings, one white plastic ring, and a black very thin plastic ring (has a separation/ not one continuous round ring). The two O rings and the white ring simply replace the existing ones that are worn. There is no “very thin black plastic ring” on my existing faucet and I don’t know what to do with it. It doesn’t seat around the diverter and doesn’t go into the threaded collar. So I called Delta and after an hour and a half on the phone the Cust Service rep finally agreed with me that the piece isn’t needed and should not be part of the repair kit package for Model 21988LF. Am I correct that is an extra and unnecessary part? The Delta Rep kept telling me that it goes onto the faucet next to the O rings (inside the collar) and I finally had to insist that the Service Rep go get a new Model 21988LF in the box, open the box, and tell me where the black plastic “cut” ring is. He finally did this and couldn’t see the black plastic ring anywhere. So he finally agreed with me. But why is in the repair kit package? And why am I the first person to have asked this question… Delta has probably sold a million of these Repair Kits RP41700? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. 732 525-1170

    1. Thank you for the comments Freddy, I have to tell you that I have seen this kind of thing before. What sometimes happens and this is true of all manufacturers not just Delta, they will, as in software make a small change or improvement that used to require a certain part but now does not. Instead of rewriting all the instructions or changing the package containing the part they simply let it go and hope the consumer will be able to figure it out. You may have noticed that some parts or parts list; list more than one model of faucet from the same manufacturer. In some case the all the parts are used for one model but may only require a few parts for a different model. When this happens, it’s good to have a list and diagram of all the parts and how they go together. Many times the cost of adding the right literature exceeds the cost of replacing a part or faucet, so they deal with problems as they come up rather than take preventive action. By the way, don’t wait for any manufacturer to admit this. Hope this clarifies some of this for you?

  9. I have a delta shower faucet. I have been told the cartridge needs to be replaced as sometimes the hot water Shen turned all the way is warm. I don’t have a hot water tank. Is this under warranty

    1. Hi Darlene, Thank you for your question. I’m a little confused by your question, you seem to be saying that you don’t get any hot water out of your Delta faucet when you turn the faucet to the hot water side, but you also say that you don’t have a hot water tank. So, I’m going to assume that you have a tankless hot water system? Delta faucets have a lifetime warranty, you should therefore be able to obtain a free replacement cartridge from Delta, provide you have registered ( your product or that you have proof of purchase. You can sometimes satisfy manufactures that you should be able to obtain free parts with your explanation of the problem. It’s worth a try. Go to:
      Let me know how this worked out for you.


      1. I`m still looking for receipt cant remember if I register this faucet is so bad I keep leaving the faucet open and it cost me water bill but I have to replace it. Is a spray/spout kitchen faucet I had to replace it 3 times

        1. Hi Maria, I received this email from you, but you don’t say what you would like me to do. If you are looking for Delta customer service you can call them at 1-800-345-3358 or let me know how I can help you.

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