Is Your Home Safe From Dyer Fires?

Dryer Vent on Fire
How to Prevent This

Lately, I have been noticing a lot more interest in a secondary dryer lint trap.  I'm not completely certain if it's because of the increasing number of clothes dryer fires being reported or if it's partly due to the popularity of the DIY home improvement show on television,  promoting a safer home environment. Whatever the reason, it seems that many more people are looking to make their home safer by adding a secondary dryer lint trap in their dryer venting system.

One thing is certain,  the increase in the number of basement apartments being built, either to accommodate aging baby Boomer parents or as a means of generating a second income, means that many clothe dryers have to be relocated;  often in an area that is not as accessible to an outside wall, thereby making it necessary to install a secondary dryer lint trap to accommodate the longer vent distances.

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Clothe Dryer Fires

Longer venting reduces the efficiency of your clothes dryer and increases the possibility of dryer fires.  You can maintain a safer environment and reduce risks by the addition of a secondary dryer lint trap and maybe even the addition of a dryer vent blower.

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Dryer Lint Trap
Dryer Lint Trap
Galvanized metal lint trap for dryer boosting applications. Use when duct length between dryer and booster fan is less than 15 feet. Fits 4-inch duct. Features pull out-door with view window, removable lint filter for easy cleaning and 1/2" flange for flush mount installation. This product is not designed to be installed inside of walls. It is recommended that you clean this unit several times per year and the lint trap needs to be accessible so you can do that.

Combination clothes dryer heat saver and lint trap

Combination clothes dryer heat saver and lint trap. Provides extra heat and humidity from clothes dryer into room. Damper handles to vent air inside or outside. Removable and re-useable easy to clean lint filter. For use with 4'' flexible duct or metal pipe. Includes 2 stretch clamps. Recommended for electric dryers only. Color: White.


Quick Connect Dryer Vent

Connect and disconnect the vent pipe in seconds Just twist and lock Creates easy access for cleaning and maintenance Easy to install Made in the USA Includes: 1 x Dryer Dock


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4" Secondary Dryer Lint Trap

This product is meant to be used as a secondary lint trap with Dryer Booster Fans to prevent lint buildup within the fan. It has a 4" air inlet and outlet. fan. It has a 4" air inlet and outlet. more-button2

Dryer Vent Cleaning System

The LintEater 10 Piece Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System is designed for the homeowner by a leading manufacturer of commercial duct cleaning equipment and comes with everything needed to clean and regularly maintain the entire dryer exhaust venting system with professional results. more-button2

Premium 4" Vent Cap with Metal Screen

BOFLEX 4-inch premium vent cap from Imperial Manufacturing. Comes with metal screen built in. Movable louver style. High impact poly plastic. Formulated with UV inhibitors to reduce fading due to sun exposure. vent only - no tail. White. more-button2

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Dryer Booster Fan
4" Dryer Booster Fan

Many Dryer Installations Do Not Allow Direct Venting And The Typical Residential Dryer Cannot Operate Efficiently Against The Resistance Created By The Necessary Duct Work. The Results Are Longer Drying Times, Higher Energy Usage And Costs, And Excessive Wear And Tear On The Dryer. The DBF 110 Dryer Booster Inline Fan Addresses Every One of These Obstacles. more-button2

Washing Machine Traps

Package of 12 Fabric Lint Traps with Clamps . Design to stop lint from clogging laundry tub or sink. Slips onto the end of your washing machine hose. Rust proof and long-lasting. more-button2

Dryer Vent Closure

This easy-to-install dryer vent closure lets warm air escape when open and prevents cold air from entering when closed. It also prevents insects from entering through the dryer vent. more-button2


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